Learn communication skills from Jon Kraushar, trainer of U.S. Senators elected in 2014 and adviser to Congressional leaders; Dick Cheney's debate coach; executive trainer for companies like Nestlé and Sotheby’s; former partner of media guru Roger Ailes; and co-author of You Are the Message, chosen as one of the "year's best" business books by The Wall Street Journal.

Training is one-on-one, small group or workshops. Skill development in: writing and delivering speeches, media interviewing, leadership and management effectiveness, and all forms of communication for political candidates and campaigns.

For more information, contact Jon at 212 685-8157 or at jon@jonkraushar.com. The book, Kindle, or audiotape of You Are the Message, by Roger Ailes with Jon Kraushar can be ordered at amazon.com online.

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