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Training Method

In both formal and informal situations—ranging from meetings to speeches to media interviews—audiences frame their reaction around this concept: How is the speaker causing me to feel, think and act?


JK&A's training programs enable people in business, politics and other endeavors to make the most favorable impact on their audiences in every aspect of their communications.

The training process involves a personal "audit" of communications strengths and weaknesses. The test of our training is in the results: clients communicating successfully

in a variety of situations including:


• speeches, press conferences and media interviews

• presentations to a board of directors, shareholders, securities analysts or voters

• meetings with clients, prospects, investors or colleagues

• testimony before Congressional or regulatory committees

• leading and managing others


The construction of a personal communications audit begins with a private telephone discussion with clients. They provide us with a brief self-assessment of their communications assets and liabilities and what they hope to accomplish in the training.  Some clients also like us to get additional input from those who know them well, professionally and/or personally.  This is the research phase of the process.


We move to a combined strategy and execution phase of training when we meet with clients in one of two ways:
remotely or, by special arrangement, in their offices.  In those confidential sessions, we videotape clients doing several practical exercises dealing with style and substance.  We use video as an objective "eye and ear."  The video, combined with our commentary, leads clients to measurable improvements in skills.


JK&A's training programs are based on principles and methods developed by company president Jon Kraushar and summarized in the book he and media guru Roger Ailes wrote called You Are the Message (to order the book, Kindle, or audiotape, order at amazon online ).

The goal on every assignment is to enable clients to stay on offense when they communicate. We assist them in the development of their messages, help them anticipate and parry opposition and guide them in strategies to win and hold the support of target audiences.


JK&A provides communications training services to a variety of organizations and their leaders in the political, corporate, news and entertainment arenas.  Our clients have included U.S. Presidents, heads of state in Asia, Latin America and Europe, news anchors, correspondents and feature program hosts, and senior executives whose companies range from the Fortune 500 to the Inc. 500.


It is rare, if not impossible, to radically change people, especially those already operating at a significant level of success. 

Instead, we, in effect, "reacquaint our clients with themselves"—steering them away from less desirable behaviors or habits and helping them to more consistently communicate at the high range of their abilities.  For people of accomplishment, greater mastery occurs at the margins—small increments of extra effort yield large dividends. Our training provides the stretch.


The formal training process ends with a written evaluation that includes a list of performance criteria to be periodically monitored.  We invite clients to continue to call us for advice.


​As long as this informal consultation is not disproportionately time-intensive, we do not charge a fee for it.  We do this because we believe that we are only of real service to our clients if our training works, not just in theory but in practice.


Virtually all of our business comes to us from some form
of referral.  Because we work confidentially, we are limited in disclosing exactly who we serve. However, a few of our clients or their representatives have consented to discuss their experiences with us and, upon request, we can provide selected references.

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