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Client Recommendations

“The presentation went great.  Thanks for all the help."

--Mary Pat McCarthy, Vice Chair & Head of Information, Communications & Entertainment Practice, KPMG Peat Marwick


“As always, your workshop on Influencing the Court of Public Opinion was considered as a highlight and our people enjoyed spending some time with you.”

--Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé

“There’s been a terrific buzz among our membership about the Blueprint for Success workshop you did.  All agreed that the workshop was educational, entertaining and inspirational.”

--Sylvia Ehrlich, President, TRS

"Thank you very much for all the really significant help you’ve given the show.  I feel like we’re on the right track and I know that your coaching has helped a great deal.”

--Gary Schreier, Producer, television show

“I had hoped to have called you by this time to thank you for all the help and encouragement that you gave me as I prepared my remarks for the Global Leadership Conference. The speech was well received and the attached letter represents the kinds of comments people made to me. You certainly enhanced the “passion” and “emphasis” and I want you to know how much I appreciate your contribution.”

--Herbert M. Allison, Jr. Executive Vice President, Merrill Lynch & Co.


“I want to thank you once again for your assistance in helping me launch the AT&T Universal Card. The press conference got increasingly better, and the question and answer session and subsequent interviews have gone extremely well.  In terms of the product launch, the press coverage was spectacular—we have television and print coverage around the U.S.  Thanks again for your help.”

--Paul G. Kahn, President & CEO, AT&T Consumer Financial Services Corp.


“Your contributions to the persuasiveness of our staff are very much noticed. I so appreciate what you do for us.”

--William Ruprecht, President & CEO, Sotheby’s


“I wish to thank you personally for your outstanding and successful effort in training our senior executives to meet the rigors of public presentation and media interviews. You’ve got our business and I will be happy to say as much to any of your prospective clients whenever you wish."

--Paul Wagner, Director of Public Relations, CBS/Fox Video


“It is easy to see why so many professionals rely on your services. The session was a worthwhile experience for all of us and I’m sure your suggestions will have an impact on the Attorney General during future interviews and speaking engagements.”

--Lauren J. Lynch, Special Assistant to the Attorney General of New Jersey


“Here’s a copy of the recent Chemical Week feature.  I was pleased with the results.  I want to thank you for your help preparing for the interview—it was invaluable.”

--Thomas C. Bohrer, President, Hoechst Celanese


“I just had to write and tell you that you did an excellent job during the executive communications workshops on November 16-17.  We have received much positive feedback about the workshops.  The executives found your style comfortable and your ideas invaluable. Personally, I found you a pleasure to work with and look forward to continuing communications training programs at CSX Technology.”

--Linda S. Lotz, Director of Public Relations, CSX Technology

“I want to thank you for the full day of tutoring in New York.  Those sessions were extremely helpful. Your tips and suggestions were right on target and I came away with much greater confidence.”

--Davis K. Mortensen, Executive Vice President, Georgia-Pacific Corporation


"It is terrific working with you. Thanks for the help and support!”

--Trey Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Cable & Wireless Global

“The advice was not just useful, it is critical if we are to make the changes that I think need to be considered. Thanks, again, for your help.”

--John Erard, Partner, Lord, Abbett


“You have created a nuclear weapon.  I always have been a loose cannon, but never with the power to make TV do my bidding. Bless you!”

--Jack Falvey, author and Wall Street Journal columnist


“You’ve been a real inspiration to me and I will miss our regular get-togethers to try to top the last speech.”

--Peter S.P. Dimsey, President, U.S. Region, MasterCard International


“Thanks a million for carving out some time this morning to work with me on public speaking.  Your ideas and insights were very helpful, and will certainly enable me to improve my effectiveness as a communicator, with a little bit of practice.”

--Dennis M. Kass, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor


“Both of our big pitches are over, and guess what?  We were great!  We were loose, worked as a team and were downright likeable.  You have no idea how I was dreading the training. Little did I know just what a miracle worker you were!”

--Deborah Cover-Lewis, Vice President & Media Director, Rosenthal, Greene & Campbell


“Thank you so much for coordinating the [main] event at our National Meeting in San Diego.  The session’s creativity was very much appreciated by our audience.  It truly was the highlight of our National Meeting.”

--Randall J. Smith, Executive Vice President, Westfield Corporation


“What a stunning success! The career development program was enlightening, lively and undoubtedly one of the most successful alumni events we have ever sponsored.  I am deeply grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and expertise with our graduates; you will be glad to know that the feedback we have been receiving is terrific and that the consensus is that this was a most exciting event.  Again, may I thank you for your insights, candor, and wit.”

--Jane Hart, Director of Alumni Relations, Columbia U. Graduate School of Business


“I very much enjoyed reading your articles. Most outsiders to the communications trade find it so mysterious that they never develop the ability to tell the craftsmen from the charlatans.  What you wrote would give anyone the sense of where the difference lies.  I’m very struck by what concrete and useful pieces you produced."

--Suzanne Garment, Associate Editor, Wall Street Journal Editorial Page


“Thanks for all the advice.”

--Pat Moore, George Bush for President, 1988

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